Roundtable Discussion On Development of Khmer Rouge Tribunal

With support from Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Club of Cambodian Journalists (CCJ) organized a roundtable discussion on “Development of Khmer Rouge Tribunal” on 20 May, 2009

Speaking in his welcoming remarks, Mr. Prach Sim, CCJ Secretary General, said that the Club of Cambodian Journalists organized the roundtable to give update information on the development of the Khmer Rouge tribunal as the public is very interested in knowing what is happening at the tribunal.

He appealed to the journalists to continue reporting the Khmer Rouge tribunal as much s possible. Thus, they can contribute to the justice by informing and encouraging the public to take part in the process to end impunity in Cambodia.

He added that the speakers in the roundtable discussion were those who were actively involved with the tribunal. Therefore, the journalists have to take the opportunity to gain the knowledge and information on the Khmer Rouge tribunal as much as they can.

Reach Sambath, a spokesman of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, Told the participants that the hearing on Kaing Guek Iev, alias Duch, former chief of Khmer Rouge S-21 prison chief, gained a lot of attention from the local and international media and last but not least the participation of the Cambodian public.

He added that the case number two of Noun Chea, another former Khmer Rouge leader who is in the detention center to wait for the trial, is also very important for the public who are eager to participate in the process. He said that at least there are 3437 lawsuits filed by the people against Noun Chea who in one of the most responsible Khmer Rouge leaders.

Phay Syphan, the spokesman of the Council of Ministers, said that the government of Cambodia not only toppled the Khmer Rouge regime but also bringing them to justice. The Khmer Rouge Trials do not only bring about justice to Cambodia and end the impunity but also give a model of justice to the world. Thus the Khmer Rouge tribunal is very crucial for the Cambodian people and the international community.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Cambodian government is making every effort to find justice for the people through the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

He is optimistic that the Khmer Rouge tribunal will be successful.

Several TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers reported about the roundtable discussion.

Phnom Penh 21 May, 2009

Club Of Cambodian Journalists