Roundtable Discussion On " The Preparation for ASEAN Summit "

Roundtable Discussion


The Preparation for ASEAN Summit

13 November, 2012

Cambodianna Hotel

1. Objective

The roundtable discussion on 13 November, 2012, on “The Preparation for ASEAN Summit” at the Cambodianna Hotel has the following objectives:

-Raising awareness of Asean issues so as fort hem to be well-prepared for Asean economic community in 2015

– Raising awarness of the country’s preparation for the 21st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit among journalists, especially for those who would cover the 6-day event on 15-20 Novevmber, 2102;

– Guiding journalists to be aware of the tough secutiry for going into the conference room;

– Encourage Cambodian people, espcailly the residents in Phnom Penh, to join the government to successfuly host the summit as the top leaders of the 10-state ASEAN, and other world leaders in Asia and the Asia-Pacific, including US President Barack Obama, Indian and Chinese Prime Ministers, also attend the summits;

– Allerting the public for the tough secutiry and traffic during the summit

– Urging other institutions to help facilitate for foreign media in case they want to cover the side bar stories related to the summit and besides the summite;

– Allert the government offcials for media and citizens to access to information on ASEAN

The discussion is expected have the following result:

-Journalists are more aware of the process of the preparation for the ASEAN summit so that they can prepare themselves for news coverage in the 6-day event

-Journalists and people of Cambodia have better understanding about Aseann and its issues

-Journalists are aware of tough secutirty during US President Barack Obama and other world leaders are coming

– Journalist can bring such information to the public so that the public will join the government to host the summit successfully.

2. Implementation

In order to implement the project, the Club of Cambodian Journalists gets the funding from Konrad Adenauer Foundation which is the only funding source of the roundtable discussion.

In the discussion, the Club of Cambodian Journalists invites Information Minister Khieu Kanharith to be the guest speaker while Mr Denis Schrey, Country Representative of Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung is also presneting and providing his view on the issue. The discussion is followed by Q and A sessions.

The target groups of the discussion are:

-Journalists (direct/key target group) who are responsible for bringing news to the public. They

are the main news outreaches from the summit.

-Public (indirect target group): It is important that the public through the media need to know on the ASEAN issue while their country is integrating into the region.

-State and non-state officials (indirect target group): the discussion also deliver a message to those who are both government and non-government institutions working related to the ASEAN issue to cooperate with journalists. When journalists access to information on the issue, the public will also access to such information


-The roundtable discussion start with presentation by speakers before the floor is given to the participants to ask questions.

3. Assessment

The discussion was attended by many media including TVs, print media, radio stations, and online media, thanks to the interesting topic. And the discussion was widely covered by the Cambodian media and international media.

However, the discussion came short than expected because the information minister, who is the key guest speakers, was engaged with other appointments. The discussion should have been longer so that the journalists can have more times to ask him about issues in their interest.

4. Recommendations (on Sustainability/Continuation/Application)

Since there are many issues in ASEAN which shell be well understood by the Cambodian people and journalists, CCJ will continue its effort to organize similar discussions in the future.

Phnom Penh,


Pen Samitthy


Club of Cambodian Journalists