Roundtable Discussion on " Oil Business and Economic Development "

 Roundtable Discussion


Oil Business and Economic Development

26 October, 2012

Cambodianna Hotel

1. Objective

The roundtable discussion on 26 October, 2012, on “Oil Business and Economic Development” at Cambodianna Hotel has the following objectives:

– Raising more awarness of opportunities and challenges of the Cambodian government for oil

bussiness managment in the upcoming year among Cambodian journalists.

– Providing some concepts to journalist in order to persue news on transparency and

accountabilty of the government in finalcial managment and budget allocation from oil


-Promote accountabily and transparency in the oil and gaz development to ensure that people can benefit from the oil revenue.

– Encouraging Cambodian journalists to regularly follow up if there is any financial

mismanagement or corruption with oil revenue so that:

The discussion is expected have the following impact:

-Journalists broadly undertsand about oil business and economic development

-Journalists can do more research on the issue from now now

– Then, journalists can wirite more news on the issue for the their respective audiences.

2. Implementation

As usual, the discussion is made with support from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS). In the discussion, the Club of Cambodian Journalists invites two main guest speakers for organizations — Mr. Chhay Sarath, Executive Director of Cambodia for Transparency with Revenue, Mr. Mam Sambath, Executive Director of Partnership and Development. Mr Denis Schrey, KAS Country Representative, also had his opening remark and provided his view on the issue by sharing experiences in other nations for budget managment from oil income.

The target groups of the discussion are:

-Journalists (direct/key target group) who are responsible for bringing news to the public. They are one of the key players in bringing news to the public.

-Public (indirect target group): It is important that the public through the media need to know on the revenue from oil industry/business after the country get hundreds of millions of dollars millions from oil business/trade.

– Government and Civil Society Organizations (indirect target group): the roundtable discussion also delivered a message to those who are both state and non-state institutions working related to transparency, anti-corruption and proper financial management in the government revenue. The institutions then can be aware of the issue through media reporting and providing relevant information to media people to write more news on the issue so that the government can spend the incomes in the right way for the country’s economic development.


– The discussion allowed speakers to make presentations which are followed by Q&A session to

media people.

3. Assessment

The topic is really interesting as some 70 journalists of online, newspapers, radio & TV stations came to the discussion. It is useful and productive as there were a lot of media reports.

The discussion was very active as the topic is a bit sensitive for the government, especially the speakers’ suggestion and recommendation for financial management from the upcoming oil revenue.

However, the government officials could not be invited to the discussion, making it impossible to hear from the government on how it plans to generate revenue from oil and gas development.

4. Recommendations (on Sustainability/Continuation/Application)

As the good governance, transparency, accountability and anti-corruption are the sensitive issues for the government, CCJ will carry one such issue, especially when the country gets the first-ever drop of oil. CCJ shall continue its effort to invite the government to talk on this important topic to promote transparency and accountability.


Phnom Penh,


Pen Samitthy


Club of Cambodian Journalists