CCJ membership increases every year, reaching more than 130 journalists in 2006. It is made up of founding members, active members and associate members.


As a CCJ member, you participate in an elaborate network of Cambodian journalists and partners who improve their profound impact in the field of local journalism.

Most importantly you benefit from CCJ´s large universality, including an independent information process under consideration of the Code of Conducts, the journalists education and their protection. Training courses and seminars are provided regularly to improve skills and professionalism constantly. Fellowship to foreign countries and Journalism Awards encourage journalists in their endeavor. In this way the association converges Cambodian journalism to an international standard. CCJ also tries to protect every Cambodian journalist from any abuse or injustice.

Users visiting can expect detailed and neutral information of a non-profit association. CCJ journalists publish regular articles on topics like Cambodian media situation, working conditions and press freedom.

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