To review its 2006 activities and look at its 2007 action plans, all members of Club of Cambodian Journalists gathered together on March 3, 2007.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Pen Samitthy, President of Club of Cambodian Journalists, expressed his thanks to all CCJ members who closely joined together to achieve the common goals for the media profession with free press and freedom of expression though they were so busy with their respective work. Samitthy briefed the annual report to the members so that they could be aware of what the club’s strength and weakness. He also urged all members to more closely cooperate in order to make the club stronger and more realizable media organization for the common benefit of all media outlets and practitioners, including the mass public.

In 2006, CCJ through its members’ respective news articles, editorials and opinions joined the society to reform judicial system, good governance, sustainable development, and poverty reduction, including reduction of HIV/AIDS and STI epidemics. CCJ tried its best to protect journalists for their freedom of expression and opposed any action that led to the arrest of journalists. CCJ made great effort to urge the government and court to stop any action which could give harm to the press freedom. Meanwhile, CCJ also urged its members and non-members to respect media code of ethics and have strong solidarity to make the country’s media become more powerful.

Samitthy said CCJ is advancing in playing a key role to improve the media profession in term of democracy. According to the club’s annual report of 2006 released at the meeting, CCJ conducted round table discussions once every month, one editor forum, journalism workshops and training courses, increased cooperation with both local and international media organizations and non-governmental organizations, including embassies. CCJ also sent its members to join regional and international journalism conferences. Several small discussions were made between CCJ and other national and international institutions, the report said.

In his welcome remark, Wolfgang Meyer, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Country Representative, expressed his satisfaction for what CCJ and its members received in 2006 and other previous years. With his support, Mr. Meyer encouraged CCJ members to carry on their traditional cooperation for the interest of the Cambodian journalists and their organizations. He also suggested that CCJ should extend its broad cooperation in the region and the world so that Cambodian journalists can take more experiences from the world counterparts.

Before a friendship dinner, CCJ also discussed its internal issues so that they could find the best way to improve its work for the upcoming years.