Main activities of the Club of Cambodian Journalists are monthly roundtable discussions and small discussions, editors’ forums, training courses and seminars, monitoring any abuse or violence against Cambodian journalists, media extension and journalism awards.

1. Roundtable discussions and small discussions

CCJ has organized monthly roundtables and discussions during its activities. These meetings have brought journalists coming together and have given them opportunities to meet face-to-face with high ranking officials. More importantly, these meetings have helped promote solidarity among journalists and encourage a joint struggle against all forms of abuse, persecutions and violence.

2. Editors’ Forums

The initiative of editors’ forum started at the end of 2003. The Forum goes to a lot of effort to professionalize the media coverage in Cambodia by inviting editors from different news organization to meet and discuss issues regarding the media coverage and issues facing Cambodian journalists. Results of each forum will be published in our News category.

3. Training Courses

The CCJ also plays an important role in giving training courses and seminars in order to professionalize Cambodian media. The sessions up to now included seminars on basic computer training, courses for provincial journalists, business and economic reporting, court reporting, establishment of local media and a training course on Khmer Rouge Trials Reporting.

4. Protection

Club of Cambodian Journalists issues statement to condemn any kind of abuse against Cambodian journalists and also help Cambodian journalists solve their cases with the plaintiff out of court. In 2006, four newspapers faced the defamation lawsuits.

5. Journalism Award

In order to promote the professionalism, encourage the Cambodian media to stick to the code of conducts and improve their skills in reporting, the CCJ organizes an annual journalism contest and award the best stories. Journalism Awards on Reporting Poverty Alleviation, Decentralization, and Relationship between Britain and Cambodia have, so far, been conducted.

6. Media Extension Project

Besides its regular tasks the CCJ also accomplishes individual projects like the Media Extension Project. Supported by Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and the European Union the three-year project focused on the role of journalists in promoting democracy at the local level. In the second year two provincial newspapers were established: Samnei Thmey Newspaper and Siem Reap News. The project ended in 2005. However, we continue our effort by inviting provincial journalists to the training courses held in Phnom Penh and organizing regular Press Trips in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Commission to Cambodia in which Journalists are invited to cover the stories in the provinces.


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