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Dear Colleagues, friends and visitors,

On behalf of the Club of Cambodian Journalists, I proudly welcome you at the first Web page of the Club of Cambodian Journalists. The webpage will show you all what we are doing for the interests of Cambodian Journalists, including roundtable discussions, training courses on particular issues, protection of Cambodian Journalists against any abuses and promoting the press freedom in the country. In addition, we will provide you with news stories on the Cambodian media an update annual report of the media situation.

Dear visitors,

Allow me to let you know that our responsibility and mission is to professionalize the journalistic skills of the Cambodian journalists to catch up with the regional and international standard day by day. As a truth seeker to inform the audience, how can journalists perform their duty successfully? We recognize that journalism is on one hand and the other hand is the safety to perform their noble job without fear or any threat. With this fact, the Club makes every effort in its capacity to create a safe environment for the Cambodian journalists.

With this webpage, CCJ wants to open its gates to the World public and make the Cambodian media situation appear more transparent from outside.

At the end of my welcome remark, I would like to take this opportunity to express our whole-hearted thanks and gratitude to Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany for its invaluable financial and technical support to the Club of Cambodian Journalists.

Please enjoy our website,

Pen Samitthy, President

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